Delhi, the capital of India, is a giant city that contains a huge amount of history, culture, life, food, temples, and everything else you could possibly imagine. Travel to Delhi to enjoy the culture, the history, and the food; which are all incredible! Here’s a list of things you can for when you travel to Delhi: 1.HISTORICAL MONUMENTS: Visit the great sandstone carcass of the Red Fort, and imagine the last days of the Mughal empire, Humayun’s tomb combines Persian style with local craftsmanship, and is surrounded by the fiercely symmetrical Mughal gardens, peaceful Qutub Minar, with its towering minaret resembling an ornate factory chimney, andRead More →

Travel To Mumbai if you want to enjoy the corporate capital of India and the most fast paced city than any other in the country. Located along the west coast, Mumbai has a vast variety of heritage to show. From the Ajanta Ellora caves to the Taj Mahal hotel which is opposite to the Gateway of India, Mumbai offers an insight on Indian history and architecture. Mumbai differs drastically from south to north, where the south is older and more accommodating and the north gradually gets more chaotic and crowded as you go up the line. Tourists, especially non-Indian tourists, stick to the southern bits of Bombay as thatRead More →