Mental Health- A message for the world on World Health Day

Mental Health- A message for the world on World Health Day

Mental Health is referred to a person’s condition with regard to their mental, social and emotional well-being. Mental health is important throughout a person’s life- from childhood to adulthood through adolescence.
However, it is still not given enough credit. Mental health is as important and as critical as one’s physical health. It is how one relates to others, reacts to stress, copes with difficulties, feels about different situations, and much more.

Mental Health consists of many factors:

  • Biological factors like genes and brain chemistry, etc.
  • Life Experiences
  • Family History of mental health problems.

Recently, a young 24-year-old student in Mumbai committed suicide because he couldn’t cope with life and it’s problems which led him to depression. Such an extreme step is not a solution to the problems we face, but sometimes our mental health leads us to take such extreme steps. It is better to catch the symptoms at an early age than ignoring them.

Mental Health- A message for the world on World Health Day

Early on warning signs can include:

  • Eating and sleeping too much or too less than you used to
  • Pulling away from people and social circle
  • Not enjoying the usual activities
  • Feeling extremely lethargic
  • Feeling like nothing matters anymore
  • Having unexplained pains and aches
  • Feeling different emotions to the extreme
  • Having more quarrels with friends and family than usual
  • Experiencing mood swings that cause problems in relationships
  • Thinking of harming yourself or harming others

We take mental health so lightly that we don’t realize the benefits and advantages of maintaining a good mental health. ┬áTrivial things that we take for granted are a result of good mental health. Productiveness, working to our full potential, coping with stress, staying happy, etc. are all a result of good mental health.

The trick to maintaining a good mental health is very simple- it is to communicate, talk to people, your friends, family, and peers. You may think that what you’re facing a big trouble, but when you share it with others and talk it you; you will feel that it isn’t as big. Life is full of problems, you get out of one and step into another. So the best way is to cope with them and always talk to others. Other ways can be to take professional help if needed, maintain a healthy lifestyle, exercise regularly, sleeping properly, and staying positive.

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