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Hello, Gorgeous!

Welcome aboard on Palakmahajan.com.

I am Palak Mahajan, a millennial, trying to show you guys I look at various things and providing my opinion on various products that I have tested on myself too.

I was working in the corporate before I decided to start this blog of mine and let me tell you, it is not a piece of cake. To enter and start something of your own is a big deal because every little step can also be very intimidating. I am intimidated as I write this, but since it is my passion to write and provide any information I can, I will do it. I have had my writer’s blocks, haven’t find that motivation to write as well. Alas, I know the walk is difficult but not impossible.

Read the content, give me any suggestions you want to and  I’ll make sure to follow up on them. Also, contact me if you need a new friend! 😀

Coming back to the website, it’ll be updated often and I will try to keep up with the trends.

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Also, if you just want to talk to someone about anything like work, family, personal life, etc., don’t be shy. Reach me!

I am a dreamer who’s been struck too many times and my physical features pull me down more than I go up. So, I will help someone who just needs someone too. I am just the girlfriend you can always call! 🙂 <3

Spread love through the world and make peace.

Much Love,

Palak Mahajan


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